Warranty Lookup

* Typically Advantech serial numbers are comprised of 10 digits. The first 3 digits are letters such as "AKA,EPB,EPA, KSA, TPA" followed by numbers.
* Please be noted that warranty "12/31/9999" represents lifetime warranty.
AGS P/N Definition:
  • AGS-EW: Extended Warranty
  • AGS-OS: On-Site
  • AGS-EX: Fast Repair
  • AGS-PU: Pick Up
  • AGS-AR: Advanced Replacement
  • AGS-TU: Technology Upgrade
  • AGS-AI: ADDInclusive

- Warranty on-line information is only available for the product name as listed on the invoice. No on-line warranty information is available for the product name sub-components, modules, parts or peripherals.

- The warranty of 3rd party items which are purchased separately without assembled with Advantech's products is "12 months".

- The Advantech global warranty is subject to change without notice.

[Extended Warranty Services]

Protect your hardware investment up front. Extended Warranty Services can be provided for up to an additional 3 years at sales discretion --- the same high level of warranty service provided by ADVANTECH standard or two-year limited warranty given at the time of purchase. Extended Warranty Services provides a comprehensive support program that includes parts and labor - all designed to help you extend the life of the product you purchased and to safeguard your investment.

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TEL: +1 408 5193800
E-mail: ags.usa@advantech.com
~ APSC Contact Information (for European Customers) ~
TEL: +48 (0) 22 315-11-00
E-mail: ags.europe@advantech.com
~ ACSC Contact Information (for Mainland-China Customers) ~
TEL: +86 10 62984346
E-mail: ags.china@advantech.com
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TEL: +886 2 27927818 #2472
E-mail: ags.taiwan@advantech.com