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Global Service Policy

Warranty Period

ADVANTECH branded off-the-shelf products and third party off-the-shelf products used to assemble ADVANTECH Configure to Order products are entitled a prompt Global warranty service, from which customer will be immune from product defects in design, materials, and workmanship. The ADVANTECH Warranty service starts from the date of shipment and warranty period varies from product categories. For detail information, please visit

All customized products will carry a Regional warranty service and warranty period is available by visiting ADVANTECH eRMA portal, General Service/Warranty. The actual product warranty terms and conditions may vary based on sales contract or individual service level agreement.

Repairs under Warranty

It is possible to obtain a replacement (Cross-Shipment) during the first 30 days of the purchase, through your original ADVANTECH supplier to arrange replacement or fast repair if the product was purchased directly from ADVANTECH and the product is DOA (Dead-On-Arrival). The DOA Cross-Shipment excludes any shipping damage, and the round-trip freight charge covered by ADVANTECH is limited to from customer field site to local authorized ADVANTECH repair facility or from original customer purchase site to original ADVANTECH selling site

For those products which are not DOA, the return fee to an authorized ADVANTECH repair facility will be at the customers' expense; in addition, shipping terms for DAP (Delivered at Place) incoterms is recommended. When product being reconstructed, its shipping fee from ADVANTECH back to customers' sites will be at ADVANTECH's expense during warranty period, from which shipping terms for DAP (Delivered at Place) will be adopted.

Exclusions from Warranty

The product is excluded from warranty if :

  1. The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period.
  2. Warranty will be voided if product being updated/upgraded by customer or third party, or removal or alternation of its identification labels.
  3. The product has been misused, abused, or subjected to unauthorized disassembly/modification; placed in an unsuitable physical or operating environment; improperly maintained by the customer; or failure caused which ADVANTECH is not responsible whether by accident or other cause. Such conditions will be determined by ADVANTECH at its sole unfettered discretion.
  4. The product is damaged beyond repair due to a natural disaster such as a lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.